Mark Mark your calendars for MARCH 24-27 for a virtual conference targeting small business!



This FREE online event provides hours of valuable small business programming each day. You’ll get tips, advice, and secrets from experts, all designed to make the hats you wear each day fit more comfortably. Whether or not you have time to listen online to all this conference, I would stronly urge you to check out the KEYNOTE speaker…John Jantsch, creator and founder of (I talk about this enough on this blog, that surely some of you might be wondering, “who is this guy?” or “what is this Duct Tape Marketing?”)johnjantsch-day1.gifJohn delivers the keynote address on SALES & MARKETING, so get yourself registered for this FREE conference! Check the website for the exact time, but I think it will be late morning (before noon) on MONDAY, March 24th.


To really impress you all, here’s my very own picture with Mr. Jantsch at one of our Duct Tape Marketing training events. I am an authorized Duct Tape Marketing coach, particularly interested in helping small business owners in the Fort Worth area implement successful marketing strategies.

This Microsoft Small Business Summit session will no doubt be very practical…that’s why John chose to use the DUCT TAPE name associated with his branded marketing strategies. I can guarantee you that you will find something useful to use. I will be listening in…will you?