If you own a small business today, wouldn’t you like to get your website ranked in the TOP SEARCH RESULTS? I hope your answer is “YES!” Savvy online shoppers and prospects have little use for listings that show up on page 2, 3 or page 5 of their online search. They primarily look for the Top 10 or so businesses listed! When your prospects are looking for you, where do you show up?

Here’s today’s questions for you:

1. Do you know how to optimize your website for top search engine ranking?

2. What is Social Media Marketing and what does it have to do with Search Engine Optimization?

3. How do I use Twitter for business?

4. How do you ensure your prospects CHOOSE YOU when they are ready to buy?

5. Is getting TOP SEARCH RESULTS all there is to great marketing? If not (and the answer is NO), then how do you integrate intentional SEO elements into an overall marketing strategy?

Ken Partain is a good friend and colleague and is YOUR answer to your SEO needs! He is a fellow Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach and in that infamous trio of DTM coaches in the DFW Metroplex (Ken’s in DallasSandra’s in Arlington – and I am Fort Worth’s only DTM Coach). Ken has recently launched a brand new SEO site that will be YOUR resource for understanding the power of Search Engine Optimization! The answers to all the questions I just listed can be seen on Ken’s site – he’s a genius! Ken has helped clients all over the country in systematically raising their search engine rankings – and for most people, we know that means GREATER PROFIT and MORE CLIENTS!

Do you need some of that?

Go to Ken’s site from the promotional link (Get Top Search Results) over in the right sidebar under “Marketing Resources!” Be sure and tell Ken you saw this on – if he gets enough business for all you guys, maybe he’ll buy me lunch! 🙂

* * * ATTENTION * * *

If you live in the DFW area, you will be interested in a FREE workshop Ken is presenting at the end of this month, Aug 27. Do y’all realize how amazing this is – an SEO expert in our area giving away FREE marketing and SEO advice! Here’s what Ken says about the event:

During this event you will learn:

  • How to be found online
  • What local search is and why it matters to you
  • How people find you online
  • The four major factors that determine your search engine ranking
  • How to build relationships that matter – online and off
  • How to build powerful incoming links to your website
  • How you can dominate the search results for your primary keyword phrases

The first 45 minutes will include the presentation mentioned above. The following 45 minutes will be a site clinic where you can have your website evaluated live and in person and learn the most effective techniques for improving your search engine ranking.

Folks – it doesn’t get much better than this! A FREE SEO workshop – in this area – where someone will give you a FREE evaluation of your website in person on the spot! You can’t afford to miss this!! To learn more, go here and register for the event!


Randy Vaughn - Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach


FYI: We like our current TOP SEARCH RESULT: if you Google “small business marketing fort worth” – guess who shows up several times? That has taken alot of work from the Marketing Twins and feels good! Now if it were just that easy to stay in the top . . . more work ahead!