Today I had lunch with a marketing coach – someone for whom I have great respect and who helps me see what I cannot.  That’s one unique role of a coach, isn’t it?  The coach always sees the plays and formations easier than the players on the field.  They have experience and they have eyes to see what sometimes we can’t see when we are in the middle of the game.

Today I was inspired to try harder and work smarter.  I learned ways to make my own business more efficient and more profitable (and not always having to raise my prices just to do so).  I got ideas on how to better package my services so that they become resonators for our clients.  I was able to share my struggles, frustrations, fears and just admit – you know, even as a marketing coach myself, I don’t have all the answers.  This seasoned marketing coach not only admitted the same thing (which made me feel a ton better), but I also learned by sitting down with someone with greater experience and knowledge, I came away better and more inspired.  Energized.  Renewed.

So here comes the shameless pitch – I want to be that coach for you!  Yes, you heard me right.  Admittedly, I don’t have all the answers, but I spend most of my days working with a variety of clients learning what works and what doesn’t – gaining alot of experience that could save you alot of costly mistakes!   I spend the other part of my day studying marketing trends and trying to find ways to teach our clients about them.  (That sounds like a full day, but I still get to put on the husband and dad hats, too!)  So I believe I am equipped to help you go to the next level, rediscover your passion for being an entrepreneur or independent business owner, and reignite your vision for your small business!

The things I learned today, I am eager to pass them on to you.  Contact me and set up a time to talk.   We conduct a FREE 30 minute consultation over the phone or in person.  That’ll give us both a chance to see if we are fit.  Then we can proceed from there in mapping out a blueprint to your marketing success.

Randy Vaughn - Authorized Duct Tape Marketing CoachAs a proud member of the Duct Tape Marketing Coaching Network, I look forward to sharing with you a systematic approach to your marketing that is simple, effective and affordable.  As one of only 3 DTM coaches in the DFW area and the only Authorized DUCT TAPE MARKETING Coach in Fort Worth, I am eager to get together with you.

TO CONTACT ME – CLICK HERE  (I prefer email because I can answer it at all hours!)


* Thanks to my friends, Cidnee, Sandra and Ken for an inspirational day!