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So you’re past the first half of this calendar year . . . how’s it going?

Have you met all your 1Q and 2Q goals you set back in January?

Are you having the leads and referrals you need to continue into the homestretch of 2008? Profits like you want?

Are you in control of your marketing . . . or are you feeling OUT of control?

As an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach, I am equipped to coach you through a systematic approach to your marketing. One that will start by identifying your ideal client and a core message that zeros in on that target market. Then we’ll examine your presentation, your logo, and all your marketing collateral to see if it is tailored to reaching this same group (often we find that it needs an updated look or extreme makeover!) As we move into the area of online marketing, we’ll explore ways that you can harness the power of the internet to educate people about you and your products/services. We explore ways to use the web to get your target market to know you, to come to gravitate to you because you resonate with them, and then they become such happy customers that not only do they remain loyal, but they also become strategic referral partners! This is just some of what a marketing coaching program does for you!

Are these ideas that you could use some coaching with? As marketing coaches, Donny & I (The Marketing Twins at 1429 Creative) are ready to inspire you and coach you through the remainder of 2008 (and get geared up for 2009!)

I am the only Authorized Duct Tape Marketing coach in Fort Worth and one of only 3 in the entire DFW area. We are a part of a strong and growing association of marketing coaches around the globe who are committed to helping small business expand even in times of “mental recession” (quoting Dr. Phil Graham!) – to know more about Duct Tape Marketing, go here.

At 1429 Creative, we offer a variety of marketing coaching services, ranging from one- or two-session training huddles, to short-term coaching programs (anywhere from 3-12 months), and even long-term marketing coaching and consulting. We stand ready to come alongside you and your marketing efforts – and if you don’t have a Marketing Department or Marketing Director – as YOUR marketing coaches, the Marketing Twins at 1429 Creative offer you much of the same knowledge, skills and abilities without having the headaches of hiring a marketing department (and at a fraction of the cost!)

We offer a FREE 30 minute initial consultation! We also are continuing to offer our 3-HOUR marketing audit, called ONE-ON-ONE, at the low introductory price of only $150. That’s not an hourly rate, that’s for a 3-hour session with the Marketing Twins for less than what most marketing coaches charge per hour! Starting in 2009, that fee will be going up to at least $300, so secure your spot now. We have limited times available each month, and only 2 slots remain for July. Sign up today!*

-Randy & Donny, The Marketing Twins at 1429 Creative


* If you secure a spot with us by JULY 31st, we’ll even do it for $125. Contact us for more information!


memorexcdr.jpg** UPDATE ON PREVIOUS POST: I’ve been trying to give away a 10pk Memorex CD-R . . . oh, did I mention it comes with a $10 gift card to Starbucks? I’m serious! – if you are interested, see the previous post about how to make sure you get the goods! You gotta earn it!

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