Last Friday night, my wife and I hosted a great group of friends from our church. Since we moved into our new home just a few months ago, we were eager to have them see the place. Did we care what people thought about the place? YES! Did we do some extra cleaning in preparation? YES! Did we want to leave a good impression? OF COURSE!

When special guests are stopping by, you go all out to make the place look good. Bring out the best dishes. Set the table. Open the door with the warmest of greeting. Treat them like kings and queens!

So, on his recent visit:

if the Pope planned a stop by your place of business (see Seth Godin’s blog)Seth Godin, how might you have prepared? How would you have treated him? If not the Pope, what about the President? The Mayor? The local journalist doing a review?

As Seth suggest’s, if we act in such a way for “important people” – how about treating “regular customers” in the same way! It’s a lot of work to keep that up day-after-day, but it is also energizing and contagious! (If it’s not to you, then you might consider shutting your doors now).


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