From the Brand Autospy blog series by John Moore, every small business should ask itself this very penetrating question:

Would my customers miss me if I closed my doors? Would there be people walking around saying to themselves, “I can’t get through life without ________ (your business, product, church, organization)_____…..what shall I do?”


Do you provide such a unique product or service that customers would be saddened to see you go?

Have you forged an emotional connection with your customers that another company couldn’t duplicate?

Could your employees find an employer that treated them as well as your company?

There’s many other questions that these stir in me…but you get the idea! You have to manufacture an addictive presence in the lives of consumers…can anyone say “Starbucks”! Or Wal-Mart. Or Your Mechanic. Or Your Favorite Donut Shop. Or Your Attorney. Or Your Handyman. Or Your……

In order to make your customers addicted to your products and services, you must ensure that not only do your customers know you and like what you have to offer, but make sure they TRUST YOU ENOUGH that they become lifetime customers AND they begin to refer you to others! This is the heart of the Duct Tape Marketing system and I would love to help coach you through this powerful (yet simple and practical) small business marketing system!

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