John Jantsch, creator and founder of Duct Tape Marketing, writes a great article here explaining how having not just ONE web presence, but TWO sites can actually drive traffic to your sites, capitalizing on the ever-complicated search engine optimization magic. You need to read this!!

I’m getting up and running in a couple of weeks and will link to it (and vice versa). This tells the search engines that my sites are good enough (people are linking to them…even if its just my other site linking to me), that they recognize my value and that helps move me up that Google search you did when you googled “Small Business Marketing Fort Worth”.

So you don’t have ANY site yet? Nothing? Don’t fret . . .

At 1429, we help people get on the web and yes, we will even show you innovative ways a 2nd site can help drive traffic. Whether it’s a traditional blog (where you write as an expert in your industry) or if it is another site that is a little more “content” than your “simple” web site that people normally associate with your business . . . this is a way you can begin to harness the power of the internet!

Who is John Jantsch & Duct Tape Marketing: Someone listed John’s book as the #2 best small business marketing book! Read more….