Randy has asked me to weigh in on this past weekend’s Super Bowl Ads. The one ad that I enjoyed the most (and which resonated with those with whom I watched the game) was the Budweiser ad featuring Hank the Clydesdale and the famous Budweiser Dalmatian.


Here’s the ad if you need to watch it again:

I loved this ad for several reasons:

BRAND: It’s hard not to watch an ad on TV and when the famous Clydesdales show up, you immediately think “Budweiser”. These famous horses have produced alot of great commercials, including the famous “Naw, they usually go for 2″ commercial from 1996. To watch it, go here:

EMOTIONS: The music in this ad is great. Of course, the use of the Rocky theme song and the piano ballad at the beginning certainly draw in your emotions. The beginning of the ad has a sense of sadness and “rooting for the rookie” while the middle and end has the famous Rocky theme wanting you to cheer on good ol’ Hank as the also famous Dalmatian cheers him on.

HUMOR: There’s a lot of well-placed humor in this ad that’s not as slapstick as some of the other commercials. Just watching Hank pull the rope while the Dalmatian sits atop a bail of hay. Then watching Hank in the snow as he weaves in and out around the trees (similar to a good Rocky movie)…that is priceless. Of course, it ends with a “high-five” between Hank and the Dalmatian a year later as Hank has earned his spot onto the hitch team. Great humor !

When I read about John Jantsch’s definition of marketing being: GETTING PEOPLE WITH A SPECIFIC NEED OR PROBLEM TO KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST YOU, sometimes that TRUST is built over time as you offer your customers reason to think highly of your brand. This can be done in a million ways (perhaps an idea for a future post!!) I think this ad hits the mark in terms of strengthening their brand! There’s something trustworthy about those Clydesdales . . . makes me want to own one right now!

What are you doing to strengthen YOUR brand?

Are you leaving people with such a strong positive feeling about your name that they leave you compelled to return again AND refer you to their friends?

Are you offering such extraordinary service that your brand sticks out from among the others?

Are you going greater things in the community that people can’t help but take notice?

These are things that strengthen your brand name and you need to be doing them TODAY!

Thanks Randy for letting me guest post!! Those of you reading this should consider contacting Randy if you are interested in achieving this type of success for your organization. As a Duct Tape Marketing Coach, he has the tools and resources to make that happen!

– Donny “The Other Twin” –