Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Has your business or organization’s marketing plan ever been “Kanye’d”?  You know, that moment when just when you think you are on track, something (or … eh hem … someone) rudely interrupts your momentum.  What do you do?  Do you just stand there frozen with no idea on how to get back on track?

If you are a business owner without a marketing plan, it would be easy to get distracted or even frustrated with where to go next.   You unwisely start going after target markets that don’t understand your product.  You focus on the “anybody who will pay me” strategy instead of returning back to the narrow, niche market that was previously bringing you success.  Having a strong marketing plan will help you in these situations:

  • You can always return to your ideal client, the perfect target market that you really WANT to work with,
  • You make your marketing easier because you quit trying to appeal to everyone with your generic marketing messages – you return to focusing on speaking the language of the people you know well (you can laser-focus your messages so they resonate to the exact needs of this market you wish to reach)
  • You can more clearly differentiate yourself from your competition – when you are competing with the masses, you can’t stand out – but when you find a niche, you can showcase your uniqueness in a way that gets noticed

Starting September 29th, we will begin a new 8-week virtual group coaching program where you can learn the Ultimate Marketing System by Duct Tape Marketing.  The 3 points listed above make up a good part of the foundation of the Ultimate Marketing System.

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Oh and hopefully you’ll end up with your moment after you get your marketing track back on track:

Image credit:  Daily Mail