While some consider the popular PR campaign for breast cancer awareness to be hurtful, and other major restaurant chains have been taken to task for their campaign even though partnering with the Komen Foundation, there are plenty of examples of companies and organizations, big and small, looking to make an impact (how you can watch the NFL in October and not notice?)  But what if some are exploiting the PR and selfishly capitalizing on the bandwagon.  Which is it?  How do you spot an authentic charitable giving campaign vs. a phoney PR stunt to gain attention behind the guise of charity?

These are difficult questions to answer – here’s an article I wrote for AMEX OPEN FORUM a couple of years ago, “Charitable Giving Offers Likability in Your Marketing Strategy“.

I’ll point to a few I found in a Twitter search I did yesterday.  I cannot testify to the authenticity of any of these groups – they are simply chosen from my Twitter search on the topic.   You can also know that some take the topic of breast cancer to a level that might make some uncomfortable (risque references to female body parts can attract attention I suppose), so you might find some of the t-shirts or campaign slogans to be offensive.  I apologize if they are.

Here are a few I found:

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