I recently gave a talk to a group on “7 Ways To Engage People on Twitter”.  These aren’t the ONLY 7 but 7 practical ways to engage people on Twitter.

1. Ask others a question. “Anyone know a good plumber in Dallas?”

2. Send a thank you tweet to those who follow you.@marketingtwins – thanks for follow. Look forward to learning from each other”

3. Send a thank you tweet to anyone who retweets (RT) your tweets.@1429creative – thanks for the RT”

4. Use the hashtag when possible. #superbowl #worldcup

5. Engage people in a discussion.@mcuban – how are the Mavs going to do next year in the NBA Western Conf?”

6. Participate in Follow Friday. “Some great resources: @marketingtwins, @1429creative, @treymorgan #FF”

7. Publish valuable content. Avoid “going to the bathroom then to the park for lunch”.  Instead “Meeting @marketingtwins for coffee at @starbucks

BONUS BLOG TIP: Twitter allows up to 140 characters.  However, if you expect anyone to retweet your message, use only about 120-125 to allow room for the RT characters.   (that’s a quick blog only freebie!)

Chris Brogan, noted social media expert and President of New Marketing Labs, also recently published a blog post “50 Power Twitter Tips” which are simple, practical uses of Twitter.  We wanted to share them with you as well.

Happy Tweeting!

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