As Fort Worth’s only Duct Tape Marketing authorized coach, I am excited to tell you that before this month is done, you’ll hear about our newest Marketing Coaching program and how to sign up (actually, if I’m on the ball, you’ll hear about several options!)

Participation will be limited so as to maximize the group discussion – so check back soon on when you can sign up.  I can’t believe it’s the end of 1Q09 and this is our first coaching sessions of the year!  The spring and summer are going to be busy for us so we hope we can you have you join one of our coaching programs.  Keep it here for more details very soon!

Meanwhile, here are a few good words from fellow Duct Tape Marketing coaches around the country – this is an incredible network of men and woman all over North America.

John Jantsch – as the creator and founder of Duct Tape Marketing, he gets top billing – check out what he says about PODCASTING – if you are not doing it, John offers practical ideas on how you could use podcasting in your business to get people to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU!

Michael Thompson – my Oregonian friend posted a good word on HP’s Creative Studio site – he notes that almost half of small businesses are still not on the web (especially not in a findable way!)  Reading Michael’s ideas will no doubt inspire you to get online!

Scott Campbell – from Atlanta, Scott shares at least 2 of the marketing mainstays, even in hard time – and these 2 things are the key to your success!

Brenda Mahoney – my new Canadian Duct Tape Marketing colleague offers some free marketing tips on growing your business in 2009 – you gotta get to #7 in the list – it’s the biggest mistake most small businesses make in their marketing!

I just picked a few of them today – but my fellow Duct Tape Marketing Coaches are some of the most creative, innovating and inspiring marketing folks around – I’m thrilled to join them and bring the advantages of a simple, effective and affordable small business marketing system to your business!


WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT DUCT TAPE MARKETING? Come to our local Small Business Marketing Workshop every other Tuesday – next meeting is tomorrow, 3/24 at NOONClick here to learn more…..

– Randy

Give 'em the boot?

PS – Oh, also be on the lookout for a new e-book by The Marketing Twins – all we can tell you today is that it has to do with giving someone (or some people) in your organization THE BOOT!