OK – instead of teasing you through post after post of samples before I show you how, I’m going to share this article with you today.  It’ll give you the basic choices to make in setting up your blog for your business or organization.  REMEMBER:  you’re not setting up a silly new fad “just because the young kids are doing it”, this is part of your marketing strategy.Yesterday morning, I was working in my office.  My 4-year old son came in with a paperclip.  “Daddy, what is this?”  I told him and he responded, “how does it work?”  I showed him the benefits of this incredibly practical and affordable tool, and the ease of using it, and he said, “cool, Dad, I’m going to use this for everything!”  He proceeded to spend his day figuring out how to incorporate the paperclip into his life . . . he paperclipped his masterful crayola drawing to some of the junk mail on our kitchen table, he paperclipped one of the Christmas photo cards on our fridge to the coupon we got for the pizza deal of the week, and even tried to attach his 3-year-old brother’s blanket to the back of his shirt (“this way Jonathan won’t ever lose his blanket”).  Creative kid!

Blogging has so many uses and it is practical, effective and very affordable (just like . . .)  Get started today!