OK – it’s been a few days since I actually highlighted some real live businesses who effectively incorporate blogs into their small business marketing. Today we’ll look at one hot industry – kitchen remodeling. Let’s reinforce the idea that if you are in this industry (or a related one where you are going to be coming into my home and doing some pretty extensive . . . and expensive work), then I would like to know a little about you first. Testimonials from other users can be helpful, but I would like to know a little about your expertise, your style, and perhaps even a little about your personality. Blogs help do that!

In reading a great DIY web magazine, I found a link to Susan Serra’s blog who claimed to offer TOP TEN SECRET KITCHEN DESIGN TIPS . . . I felt compelled to check it out (and I’m not even in the marketing for a kitchen remodeling job . . . in other words, GREAT HEADLINE!) I found Susan’s blog appealing to the eye and also very practical. And at the top right sidebar, there is a clear link to her company’s website (this is the static site that tells more about her products and services). This is the perfect example of what I’ve been trying to show you. Susan’s BLOG is what captured the attention of the DIY web magazine and they in turn linked to her post that showed her expertise through a practical top ten list that would be likely be attractive to anyone about to embark on a $40K+ kitchen remodeling job! The blog acts as the doorway that attracts visitors to her company site. Great job Susan!

John Jantsch – creator and founder of Duct Tape Marketing – shares a powerful testimony of another remodeling success story – you can read here and here for more on that. Schloegel Design Remodel is another good example of incorporating strong blogs into their marketing process. The owner has his own blog and the designers have theirs! This doesn’t just show a great deal of expertise but multiplies the amount of links back to their company site! Very smart!