Many of us studied marketing in college. Some have degrees. But few can remember that definition today – you know, the one you regurgitated on that marketing exam you aced back in college!

But years have passed and now you are operating a small business. You are looking to launch that entrepreneurial dream. There’s so much staring you in the face – and then there’s this monster called “marketing” – what is it?

Not many definitions will guide you in your marketing decision-making. Here’s a nice list of what over 30 marketing leaders think defines marketing. But the one that helps us the most comes from John Jantsch, creator of Duct Tape Marketing. It has stuck with me since I first heard it and we use it as our basis of marketing our own business. It also defines marketing when we are presenting workshops and seminars.

Marketing is simply:

“Getting people with a specific need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU.”

This is practical enough for the entrepreneur launching her lifelong dream or the seasoned business owner trying to steward his marketing budget in a tight economy. It’s about people and establishing relationships. It’s linking MY solution and with YOUR need. But it’s a far cry from the door-to-door approach just hoping to land a transaction. Transactions are perhaps easier to get, but trusting clients pay dividends.

KNOW – educate and make people aware of who you are, what you have to offer (that’s different than anyone else), and why I should do business with you!

LIKE – give them an experience that is so good, so rich, so memorable that I will continue to come back. Sometimes that is well before I’ve stepped foot in your door or given any money to you. But all the work you do to help me like you as I explore your offerings helps lead me to the best choice when I’m ready to dig deep into my pockets!

TRUST YOU – when your customers trust you, they are more loyal than a transaction-based customer. They are not as easily swayed by another competitor’s price or promotional gimmick. And as well as being loyal, they are great sources of referrals – they are your best loyal ambassadors!


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