3 basic things every business should do on Facebook (this is for your business, not for your personal profile):

1. Brand your Facebook URL (before someone else does)

  • You can shorten your business’ Facebook page URL by securing a shorter username than the long code.
  • A shortened username can be easily shared on a business card, in a TV ad, or memorized by your fans to share with their friends:
    • Would you rather a prospect try and remember  www.facebook.com/pages/best-auto-repair/120127768011547?
    • OR would you rather share  www.facebook.com/bestautorepair
  • If you need additional help, seek out answers to FAQs on Facebook’s help page.

2.  Maximize the profile image – create a taller image for maximum brand real estate

  • Your profile image, at the top left corner of your Page, functions as your “logo,” your primary branding element.
  • The maximum size allowed for the profile image is 180 x 540 pixels.  While you may wish to only use a smaller logo for certain periods of time (like we are right now on our Facebook Page for The Marketing Twins), many businesses are not aware that they can have more content on a taller profile image – see the example below:
  • The dotted line compares the two different profile images based on where the “Wall” tab shows – you can clearly see that the profile on the left is leaving a large area vacant where Dainty Cakes on the right has maximized its space.

3.  Greet your prospects and customers as you would welcome them to an open house event.  Guide them.  Show them around.  Showcase!

  • When a typical fan arrives at your business Facebook page, they will land on the “Wall” tab.  They are left on their own to decide on whether they are interested in digging more into your offerings, promotions, or services you offer.  This is like inviting them into a revolving door.  They are very likely to only stay on your page maybe a few nanoseconds as best.  And sometimes they even forget to click on “Like”!  Yikes – isn’t that the point?
  • Creating a custom Facebook page for your business allows you the opportunity to showcase your unique offerings – and guide your fans to see what you want them to see!  The following bakery shows customers how to sign up for her email newsletter, subscribe to her blog, find her shop, and watch an awesome video about cupcakes – now that is some serious fan engagement that will keep people on her page longer than just a few seconds.


There are many other things you can do besides these three – but get started here and you’ll be on your way to a dynamic Facebook presence for your business!

– Randy

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