It’s just a few weeks before Christmas – can you believe it?!!!

Here’s one simple article about “How to Use Social Media in Christmas Marketing“. It’s never too early to get going!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, here’s a quick article called, “Stuffing your Facebook Pages for Thanksgiving“.

Then, the folks over at Facebook Marketing Solutions recently published their “Top 10 Black Friday Tips” – some really good stuff. The top 5 are listed below:

1. Make it exclusive. Create a custom tab on your Page that gives your fans advance access to holiday deals, showcases new holiday merchandise, or hosts a holiday contest. (MT: see our gallery of examples of how small business can use custom landing tabs on Facebook to do all of the above!)

2. Make it an event.
Create an event from your Page that promotes users to “RSVP” to your holiday sale. You can run ads for events and target existing fans, as well as friends of fans. Once a user RSVPs, they are automatically reminded of the event the day before.

3. Plan ahead.
Make sure that you get your ads in 24 hours ahead of time, especially right before time-sensitive sale events. Planning ensures that ads go live in time for timely sales events.

4. Make it social.
Leverage connections targeting to help spread the word about your holiday discounts via social context.

5. Promote discounts and free offers.
Emphasize discounts and promotions in your ad copy. Use phrases such as “free shipping”, “buy one get one free” or mention end dates on special offers.

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