This is some great information Donny posted in an email yesterday to some of our Facebook Page clients.  I wanted to share excerpts here as well:


I wanted to take a moment to address the recent Facebook announcement that came out which is causing some confusion and stirring with fan page owners.  Here’s the announcement if you’ve not see it:

Preview Your New Page Layout
To make your Page easier to browse, we’re simplifying a couple things: 1. Boxes are going away (including the Boxes tab); 2. All custom tabs will be narrower (520 pixels). This is your chance to preview your Page and make edits as needed before the new layout goes public on August 23. Read full announcement

So what does that mean for your new custom fan page?  Here’s our take:

1) Boxes going away: This was new news to us.  However, this only impacts a small number of you who have added these to your fan page.  These are the small images that are located underneath the “People Like This” section which can be found under your new custom profile image.  We have these images on our Facebook Page as well.  There’s some talk that while the images might “go away”, they may also be placed in another location after August 23rd.  Several fan page owners (beyond The Marketing Twins) are very upset about losing these linkable images.  Facebook will sometimes listen to that feedback so we would not be surprised to see a change there.  Until then, we have to assume they will go away… which is a bummer to us.  If you want those graphics added back to another tab that will remain, contact us and we can work out a nominal fee to make that change for you.

2) Narrower custom tab (520 px):
Ok, let’s keep it simple: if we created the graphic images for your fan page, there’s nothing to worry about.  We’ve actually known about this change since April/May so any fan pages we’ve worked on since then were created using graphics that fit the 520 pixel wide format.  If we created the graphics for you, again, you have nothing to worry about.  If for some reason there’s something wrong with your page graphics after the change, we’ll adjust those but we don’t think that will be a problem since they were all done at 520 pixels to begin with.

3) Preview your Page: I would suggest all of you take a look at your page throughout next week as supposedly that’s when the preview will occur.  Note that this announcement has continually been pushed back (originally planned for early July) so who knows when the change will actually occur and when the actual preview will be available.  However, since FB has been communicating nicely to all of us recently on this change, we expect the same notification once the complete preview is available.

I hope that addresses some concerns, fears or confusion you might have been experiencing with this announcement.   Thanks!!