Download Jay Baer's PDF "Bricks and Feathers Content Marketing"

In today’s marketing culture, your audience needs to receive high-quality content that educates and builds trust.  We have a section on our site for free marketing reports for Christian business owners that will give you many ideas, resources and tips for marketing and growing your business.

I ran across a free resource from that I would highly recommend.  The author of the ebook, Jay Baer, is also the author of several resources, including a fantastic new book, Youtility.  In this ebook from Vocus, Baer has created a unique ebook highlighting the necessity of different types of lead generating and lead nurturing content in a FREE downloaded PDF entitled, “Bricks and Feathers Content Marketing“.  Drawing from his Youtility book, Baer shares the importance of different types of content, including when to use blog posts or Instagram images (feathers) and when to create videos or webinars (bricks).  This free “Bricks and Feathers” resource will no doubt whet your appetite for more information and Youtitlity is likely going to be the main course you will want to pay for.

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UPDATE: The Free Download is no longer available from VOCUS. We have a link to Jay Baer’s company site. Click here to read a blog post about Bricks and Feathers Content Marketing.