Does your kid go to the soda fountain and develop their kid-friendly version of  a “mixed drink”?  Usually, about the age of 7, they can have more fun concocting a horribly-tasting beverage, but promoting it as the next best Coke product (my son literally shoots a shot of Fanta Orange, Dr Pepper, Diet DP, Diet Coke, Coke, Sprite, A&W Root Beer and Lemonade into one single cup! – gross)

Well, Coke has been testing its Freestyle Coca-Cola vending machine in a variety of cities and the WSJ-word is that some will soon find their way to the Dallas area.  FastCompany reports “Coke’s Freestyle Machines Ready to Rock Tongues With 104 Flavors“.

Do you think these new soda machines will increase sales of carbonated beverages at restaurants?  What are your concerns (besides being grossed out as a parent)?