Building trust is your key to long-term success.  Anyone can build a sales funnel that squeezes a transaction out of your customer’s wallet.

The problem with “transactions” is that transactions are 1 by 1 by 1  . . .

When trust is bred, customers learn to see you as THE solution to their problems and then:

  1. They REPEAT with you time and again
  2. They REFER you to their friends

Social media is a significant component of your business’ trust-building system.

  • Social media allows YOU to maintain “top-of-mind” impact with your customers, even when they are not in need of your product or service – but when they are, they will remember your Facebook Page updates, your tweets, your YouTube videos, your educational articles . . . promise me, they will.  Scott Williams posts an excellent realization of the power of social media to act as a portal of credibility and complaint, suggesting that “Social Media Is The New Better Business Bureau
  • Social media allows YOUR CUSTOMERS to know who you are, to investigate you, and begin forming their decision.  Without a strong web presence and social media strategy, your customers will find a poor (or non-existent) presence – and you will lose the opportunity of their business.  Watch this great video below that spoofs the 1950’s McGraw-Hill magazine’s print ad campaign (click here if that ad is unfamiliar to you)



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