Enjoy this article on Social Media Examiner called “8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content” – I use most of these and it makes blogging and updating your Twitter and Facebook a whole lot easier!  I’ve had multiple people assume I’m smarter than I am and ask, “where do you find all that stuff you write about?”

I tell them (after admitting I’m not really that smart) my 3 secrets:

  • Follow thought leaders on Twitter and Facebook
  • Subscribe to news feeders (like Reader, Alltop, etc)
  • I also have about a dozen sites that I can go to anytime and know I will have content worth sharing (one of which is John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing blog – like this article called “Why I Devour Blogs“)

There’s no reason why I need to go searching for content.  I’m not willing to work that hard.  🙂