Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your computers.  We use it all day, every day.   Donny and I share files all the time and also enjoy accessing the files from any location because they are on the Dropbox website.  Yes, there’s even an iPhone app so we can view files on-the-go!

And we love it because it is FREE up to 2 GB of file storage!  You can upgrade and still pay less than $20 a month if you have alot of files.

Here’s why we use ti:

  • Use Dropbox in lieu of emailing file attachments (esp large ones) to yourself and other people
  • Free up space on our local hard drives – so even for files we don’t share, Donny and I both use it to keep our computers cleaned up
  • In lieu of using USB drives to move files between computers, use Dropbox!

Try Dropbox and see if you don’t become a fan of it, too!