Yes, I’m starting my Twitterfast today.  Two weeks – no Twitter.

(are we friends on Facebook?  Let’s connect there)

In a season of life where I’m fasting from other things (guess I missed the whole Lent thing), and focusing my thoughts and prayers on some specific situations, studies and strategies, I need to carve out some time and I’m choosing to fast from Twitter to help me accomplish my specific goals.

Some questions and curiosities:

  1. Will I miss it? Yes, I presume I will.  While Twitter is not a heavy revenue-producing outlet for us, I will miss the connections with real people (despite naysayers who say social media is impersonal).  I will also suffer information withdrawal – Twitter is where I typically find out news, links to great resources, and tips and insights I would never have known.  For a brief time, I’ll focus less on acquiring information and more on producing high-quality content in both online and offline environments.  I’ve been on Twitter now 2 years, 2 weeks, and 2 days (222) – I’ll presume the 222 has equipped me for what I need during these 2 weeks.
  2. Will I recognize its power more when I return? That’s part of the experiment.  I have not done a Twitterfast before – but Michael Hyatt did and look what he learned from his 48-hour Twitterfast.  I’m assuming I will return in May with a clearer focus on how to use it most effectively.  I guess I could find out that it’s something I can do without, but I doubt it.  I have ensured that I will get email notifications when I get a DM from Twitter, so I won’t miss any direct communication.  I may check occasionally if there are any mentions or RT’s (I like to acknowledge those when I can), but I’ll have to use extra special discipline when doing that – I imagine it will be easy to get sucked back in if I don’t stay alert!
  3. I will focus my mobile time differently. For the first time in years, I am leading a Bible study – and I need to spend time preparing.  Usually if I’m away from my laptop, I will check FB and Twitter on my iPhone – now I only will check one of those (and I can usually do FB pretty fast).  I have always enjoyed Twitter for those long waits at the doctor’s office, sitting for long periods of time waiting on new tires, or any other venue where I am waiting for an hour or more.  I have loved the time it affords me to go deeper, actually open up links to resources I’ve been needing to brush up on, and discovering new people for my local and virtual networks.  But for the remainder of this month, I’ll dive into the book of Ephesians.  While the 222 principle could apply to 2 Timothy 2:22 (but technically that’s four 2’s, thus the “2222” rule) – the 222 principle I’m referring to comes earlier on in the chapter (read 2 Timothy 2:2 to find out what leading a Bible study is more than just “leading a Bible study”!)  Bible reading is a challenging discipline anyway, but LEADING the study requires even more preparation and time.

Time.  I need more of that wherever I can get it.

PS – did you know that 222 hours = 9.25 days! So if I Twitterfast for at least 222 hours, it’s like gaining 9 free days!  I can handle that! 🙂