You’ve had all year and you’re still not blogging, producing videos, commenting on Facebook, uploading content to your FB Page, tweeting or publishing your own content – and it’s December 2010 already!

So what’s your excuse?

The one we hear alot is that time is a factor.

So let me ask you:

  • Do you make eating an important part of your day?
  • Do you make networking events an important part of your week?
  • Do you make payroll calculations an important part of your month?
  • Do you make sitting down with your CPA at year-end an important part of your year?

We make time for what we know is essential.  If you’re not creating a social media word-of-mouth system yet, it’s because you haven’t made it a priority.  You know it’s the way to get the most people talking about you.  You have read enough to know it is essential for your business to survive.  Yet you still complain about not having enough time.

Read how one of my top 3 marketing/social media mentors makes time for social media (you’ll be surprised to find out how much time per day he spends on it!)


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