So, your business is on Facebook.  For some, that’s a milestone in and of itself.  Congratulations.

One question often asked is “what do I post on my Facebook page?

The second question is “how do we get more ‘LIKES’ on our Page?

The next area we address when consulting with organizations about their Facebook page is the necessity of a custom Facebook pageYou never want a visitor to land on your Wall because the Wall offers no brand strengthening to their first impression of you.  Instead you want the custom Facebook page to increase their engagement with your brand.

One oft-neglected option you have when customizing your landing page for prospective fans (those who have not yet “liked” the page) is to offer what is often called “Like & Reveal” or a “Fan Gate.”

This is  a “gate” through which a new visitor to your Facebook page must pass before they get to see your Facebook content.  To get through this “gate” the visitor must first decide to “like” your page.  Therefore, you must “like” the page in order to “reveal” what’s behind it.  Here’s a few uses for this technology:

  • Create an incentive for the visitor to your Facebook page (i.e., a unique fan-only coupon)
  • Ensure the essential action step of liking the page actually happens (surprisingly many people just scan the Wall and move on unless your prompt them with what you want them to do).  If you don’t capture them into your social database, how will you remain top-of-mind in their Facebook newsfeed?  You must get them to click the LIKE button.
  • Introduce a visitor to the unique aspects of your Facebook page – the gated “pause” creates anticipation before the LIKE button is pressed and the actual showcase is revealed

As the title suggests, this added bonus on your custom Facebook page will allow you to be the perfect greeter, the most effective guide to showcase your multiple offerings, and enhance your ability to get them into your social database.

You can set this up as the default page for every new visitor to your page so that this is how visitors are introduced to your page.  Below we’ll show you a few examples of how we have used this with some of our recent clients and hopefully will stir your imagination on how you can use your custom Facebook page.