Not just a popularity contest, your efforts to increase the number of fans may be directly proportionate to how much money you make or raise.  So forget just just settling for a DEFAULT Facebook Page – work at it, customize it and optimize it for FANS!

I like these “21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase” – here’s a few of the ones I like the best:

  • #1 – you’ve got to use that free widget and invite news fans from your website to opt in (embed code requires some comfort of HTML)
  • #2 – #3 – don’t ignore EMAIL as a great source of new fans
  • #4 – greet visitors with a WELCOME VIDEO that will keep your visitors engaged on your Page (here’s a sample)
  • #7 – #18 – teach your current fans to TAG!
  • #13 – #14 – make your high-touch venues (print, in-store) connect with your Facebook Page
  • #17 – use that SHARE button – speaking of “sharing” a status update, watch this to see how you can share a status update of someone else!
  • #21 – I agree with the author – I don’t recommend you doing this . . . but if you do, monitor it to see if you get responses (if not, stop it!)

Here’s the full article.

– Randy

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