If you haven’t figured out why to use Twitter, you need to try it.   It’s a social message utility or micro-blogging platform that is so versatile for small business.


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First all, scan your eyes to the RIGHT SIDEBAR of this page (maybe scroll down just a little bit) and look for how you can follow Randy and Donny on Twitter.  Do that first.  I mean, you’re already here, why not see how The Marketing Twins use Twitter.

Secondly, if you want to understand Twitter in plain English, the folks at Common Craft can help.

While using Twitter, someone shared with me this resource from a Houston Search Engine Marketing and Optimization group offering 10 Examples of Creative Twitter Uses (pardon #3, but substitute another “industry”-how can you link prospects to you more personally?)

If someone has another creative Twitter use, I’d love to hear it!  Or do you have an idea on how Twitter could help a business?  For example, what if an automotive repair shop used Twitter to update customers on the status of their car.  You could send out tweets during the day about promotions (exclusively for Tweeters).  If you are a temp agency and have jobs available, you could tweet what positions are hiring.  Even a grocery store could tweet various specials during the day (again, exclusively for Tweeters – it’s a small part of building community and brand loyalty).  Gas prices drop?  Your favorite gas station should let everyone know!  So many uses . . .

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing was also commissioned by Microsoft to write a “Twitter for Business” guide.

 These are also good to know:

https://twitter.com/search/users (find users based on username, first or last name)

http://search.twitter.com/ (find people based on content)

http://www.twitterlocal.net/ (find all Twitters based on location, city)


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Obviously, this is a good place to start for beginners – there’s a thousand applications and tools that are Twitter-related.  Get started today!


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