I started my 2-week Twitterfast on Monday.  So 4 days into it, I offer an update:

  1. I miss it. I miss some of the people I connect with ONLY on Twitter (although a number of my folks are FB’ers, too).  But the thing I miss the most is the resource forum that Twitter offers.  Facebook has never generated the response from questions that Twitter has for me.   My Twitter reach is probably wider although maybe not as deep as FB.  But when I need an answer on something, a tool/resource idea to share with a client on late notice, or need a quick insight, Twitter is where I turn.  So I miss that part.
  2. I have enjoyed the time away . . . it’s like a sabbatical from information-overload (sometime I get that because I request it, other times I just do because I dive headfirst into it, and still other times I get because that’s why you get when you’re reading so many tweets at once!)  So I enjoy NOT knowing all the latest trends, the hottest hashtags, and getting every single quote from #Exponential.  I enjoy those latter quotes from time-to-time, but this week, I have enjoyed not hearing a flood of one-liners from people who I enjoy more in full context anyway.

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