Has your business or organization considered hiring a SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR?  You should.

NO, it’s not:

  1. A Waste of Time – don’t think of it as “playing” on Facebook, but it is about generating traffic, encouragement engagement with your customers, and capitalizing on new leads.  And if you think it’s all about Facebook, then you need to have a better understanding of the scope of social media.  Believe me, if your new hire is writing blogs, coordinating email campaigns, posting new videos and photos on sharing sites, writing articles and press releases to elevate your search engine ranking, and then also keeping up with both writing and responding on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc….well, I would say they will hardly have time for “play”!
  2. A Fad – social media is a new way of communicating, with new rules of marketing involved.  Your customers are using it to communicate direct messages to one another and to share news about upcoming events.  If you’re not using it in similar ways, they will soon consider you extinct!

YES, it’s:

  1. Measurable – with various analytics, you can track how much traffic is coming from your Facebook Fan Page or from different tweets on Twitter.  And your blog content will drive alot of traffic and it can be tracked by each individual article you right.
  2. Profitable – while I can’t guarantee you’ll become the next millionaire, how can it not improve your bottom line when it costs virtually nothing!  Yes, you are paying the salary (or a contract worker), but the tools/software/equipment that you put in their hand will hardly show up on your expense list.  Can you say the same thing about other departments?

Here’s one Dallas real estate developer that just hired a social media maven.  And here are a few things to consider when hiring your new social media coordinator.

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