Today, we are blessed with the opportunity to speak to the Professional Business Network group in Coppell (north of DFW Airport for you outside DFW).  We’re excited to speak on the topic of “Is It Time To Give Your Marketing Department The Boot?

I was scanning my Google news alerts about marketing (if you’re not using this tool, you are missing a valuable resource!) and saw this article in a recent Fort Worth Business Press. Enjoy the valuable and innovative ideas.  Notice the idea about offering educational seminars under “Value proposition” – this relates in terms of offering educational workshops.  If you are an insurance agent, use opportunities like these to get out of your office and go to a local apartment complex to give an educational seminar on renters insurance.  You’ll establish yourself as the expert on the topic and if anyone makes the decision to pick up a new policy, who do you think they’ll be calling?    If you are service professional of any kind, use FREE seminars for product demos and how-to-workshops.  Again, you work to establish an expertise among your target market.  In building know-like-trust, free or low-cost educational seminars provide a good tool for lead generation.  The business we have picked up over the past year alone testifies to the value for us.  (check out alot of Donny’s training YouTube videos on using TweetDeck – great for new Twitter users)

We’ll be speaking next Wednesday morning at Mimi’s Cafe in Grapevine to Texas Tippers – we’ll either be doing the same topic or will be speaking on how small businesses can implement a systematic and comprehensive marketing program – one that is simple, effective and affordable!

Then on the 17th, we’ll be attending the Texas Downtown Association Regional Roundtable meeting in Decatur (about an hour west of Fort Worth).  Topic there:  “Effective and Efficient Downtown Marketing Strategies” – should be alot of fun!

If you would like to book the Marketing Twins to speak to your organization or networking group, contact us now to book for later this summer!