Wooden & Workshops:  Preparing to Fail

Many of you enjoyed the crazy cultural phenomenon known as “March Madness.”  My Buckeyes got knocked out, so I cheered for the Jayhawks.  Guess I’m glad I didn’t put alot of money into picking the right bracket!

Prior to the Final Four weekend, I wrote a guest article called “3 Ways to Fail at Your Next Event.”  What sounds like a negative comment is based on the quote by legendary NCAA coach, John Woooden (pictured above).  When you apply Coach Wooden’s advice to how you treat workshops and conferences you attend, you can easily see how many people set themselves for a disappointing “ROI” from their attendance.  If your business goes to one conference or year, or if you attend one every month, I encourage you to read this article.

Click here to read:  “3 Ways to Fail at Your Next Event”