What’s your NPS?

When’s the last time you changed your NPS? 

Have you ever even heard of NPS? 

Is your business big on referrals?  Essential to your success?

You will want to check out CNN Money’s new Small Business article here – a developing strategy that sweeping across larger companies and many small businesses as well.  NPS:  Your Net Promoter Score – read the article to figure out how to calculate it.  Innovative, but also simple!!  (kinda like Duct Tape!)

Speaking of Duct Tape, the creator and founder of Duct Tape Marketing, gets a mention in this article.  John has his own educational CDs on Referral marketing called “Referral Flood” – you may want to click on that logo in the right sidebar (scroll down under “Marketing Resources”) and go to the DTM and order you a copy!  Turn your vehicle, like Zig Ziglar always says, into your university on wheels!  Educate yourself!!

As well, I am an authorized Duct Tape Marketing coach, so get in touch with me if you are in need of some simple, yet effective, marketing coaching.


 Randy Vaughn - Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach