John Jantsch recently wrote another great blog post on the power of being DIFFERENT! Check out what he means by the “Sameness Test“!

Back a few months ago, we wrote a similar blog post on – check it out here!

And whaddaya know, but I got a Google News Alerts (a great tool that you oughta be using!!) about “Duct Tape Marketing” and I found a real nice article from Mike Freeman titled, well, you guessed it . . .  “What’s the Difference?”
There’s a reason why we repurpose archived blog posts or include all these links to external articles on the same topic?  It’s because the message can’t get out strong enough! This is one of small business’ weakest areas – we want to compete head-to-head, but we end up looking like everyone else because we’re afraid if we’re too different, then we might miss out on marketing to someone. Somewhere in there is some bad logic!

Speaking of standing out in the crowd – when someone is Googling a solution to their problem, wouldn’t you like to stand out and show up in the Top 10 Google search engine listings? Or would you be content with blending in with #24 and #36. (HINT: consumers don’t typically go that far into the search results looking for you!!) Click over on the sidebar on the button labeled “GET TOP SEARCH RESULTS” – you’ll go to the website of our trusted friend and fellow Duct Tape Marketing coach, Ken Partain. Ken is an expert at search engine optimization and has plans of all levels for any size small or mid-size business. Want to get top search results? Who doesn’t!! Ken is also conducting a FREE workshop over in Dallas tonight (Wed, 8/27) – go to his website to check out where and when and how to register. You might even receive a FREE website analysis on-the-spot!

I’m leaving tomorrow for a 3-week adventure in French-speaking Africa! More on that when I return – stay tuned though – I’ve got a number of blog posts sitting in queue and Donny will publish them every few days (he might do some of his own, too).

À Bientôt!