John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing tells about the importance of communicating your most important marketing elements through a powerful narrative rather than a traditional bullet point on a brochure.   In this post, he adds:

Your marketing story is a tool that can and should be included as one element of your suite of education based marketing materials, but done correctly, can facilitate a prospect’s ability to connect and trust in ways that are far more powerful than any other marketing document.

Your marketing story tells about your struggles, your journey to success, your road of perseverance, your dreams, your ideals, etc…so much that you can’t just list out in a numbered list about “why do business with us.”  Anyone can write about what makes them great.  But customers feel a connection with a business that shares their values and has a story that resonates!  This could be what differentiates you from your competitors, too.  Guy Kawasaki shares “The Nine Best Story Lines for Marketing” – good stuff.

Here’s the story of the Marketing Twins – even now as I re-read it, I think of things I want to update!

Fellow Duct Tape Marketing coach from Virginia, Tim Nagle, shares his story on the AMEX Open Forum.  If you missed my post from last week on AMEX, it’s on charitable giving and small business, something that seems to be resonating with people this time of year.  Add your comments to the insightful perspectives already there.

Randy Vaughn - Contributing Blogger - AMEX Open Forum for Small Business


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