Happy November everyone!

As Duct Tape Marketing’s only certified consultant in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth (North Texas) area, I do live in Fort Worth, so I’m partial to this side of town.  However, I do love Dallas for two reasons:

  1. Two fun college roommates in Big D – love spending time with them and their wives and kids (I never see enough of them though)
  2. Galleria – we ain’t got it here in FW, so whenever my wife and I want a big (window) shopping getaway, we head to North Dallas

But as a Fort Worth guy, I love Cowtown for several reasons:

  1. Fort Worth was recently ranked one of the best places to live!
  2. Sundance Square – the downtown area of FW outshines downtown Dallas – by a longshot!  Even my college roommate’s Dallas-based company is opening an office in Sundance Square – and ESPN is doing their SuperBowl show from there as well
  3. Tarrant County is home to the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys – not Dallas County (actually, this season, we’ll let Dallas claim the ‘Boys!)
  4. The Stockyards are uniquely ours!
  5. My Mom was raised here – so I soon became a TCU Horned Frog fan (currently ranked #3!!!!)

As we continue to meet new prospective clients in this area (met one prospect in downtown FW’s B&N Starbucks on Thursday), and work with a host of business and private school clients in Tarrant County, we celebrate small business marketing in Fort Worth.  2010’s holiday season launches today and we in small business set our sights on 2011 – so here’s to many prosperous months ahead!


Fort Worth’s Only Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

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