Scott Ginsberg, our favorite Nametag Guy, offers, “Why your competitors are attracting more attention than you.”

Aleshia Howe, writer for Fort Worth Business Press, suggests many practical ways those in the real estate industry can harness the power of online marketing tools (you know The Marketing Twins are big advocates of blogging; she also talks about YouTube, email marketing and even texting as necessary marketing tools!)

Speaking of Fort Worth, it’s never too soon to break out the Santa hat and get started early on Christmas shopping:  Christmas in Cowtown is here, Oct 2-4!

On Oct 8, we’re interviewing a GOLD MEDALIST from the Beijing Olympic Games – and it’s a FREE conference call for you!  Register NOW!

And finally, I recently discovered Donor Power Blog, which could be a valuable read for those in nonprofit environments.  Jeff links over to the Duct Tape Marketing blog that makes this challenge:  make time for marketing!

Speaking of Duct Tape Marketing, here’s some articles showcasing the Ultimate Marketing System! In one article, John is asked about how small businesses can survive in uncertain economic times . . . his answer (in part below) might surprise you!

Buy more market share now but narrowing your focus. Get really good, right now, at serving the narrowest possible market like nobody ever dreamed of.

John says something similar in response to the headlines this week:  Owners Of Smaller Businesses Face Tightening Credit

Do greater things!

– Randy, Fort Worth’s Only Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach!

Randy Vaughn - Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach