It’s all the talk here in this first week in December.  No not Black Friday sales reports.  Not Cyber Monday anticipation.  Not even organizations promoting their involvement with Giving Tuesday.   No, it’s not any of that.  So what has people talking and what clearly counts as a company looking to differentiate?

Amazon.  More specifically Amazon Drones.

Yep, you heard me right … Amazon Drones.  If you are involved with social media of any kind (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogging), you have heard about Amazon Drones.   Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, unveiled the futuristic delivery system of the online shopping giant on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes.  But it wasn’t the main reason for 60 Minutes to do the story.  It was one simple piece of the story that garnered all the attention.  It was their differentiator.   It was how they spent a few minutes unveiling this secret R&D project that is even 4-5 years away from being a reality.  But it has everyone talking.  A differentiator that comes at a very nice time of year, Cyber Monday.  Just don’t expect your order from Amazon to be delivered by drones … at least this year.

So, don’t believe us?  Watch the video and read the CBS News article.