Do you stand out in the crowd?  Do you look like everyone around you?  Are you remarkable enough that your customers are making remarks about you to their friends?  One of the death nails of any organization is to simply look like everyone else.  Your prospective customers are not interested in digging for hours to tell the difference between you and the other guy.  Their solution?  Compare you on the thing you certainly don’t want – price.

If you are in the process of developing your marketing kit, your advertising copy or writing the content for your website, resist the urge to sound so familiar.  Surprisingly, you will need to fight this urge, because it is everybody’s tendency to sound like everyone else – not because they want to, but because they don’t put the time and effort into the process of differentiating themselves.

Have you determined ways you are different.  Are you any different?

Dan Heath shares a good response to a reader’s question on how to “think differently“; you can also read an archived post from last year about how to set yourself apart from your customers by selling fruit baskets instead of just apples.  This is a strategy that will allow you to charge more as well because you are adding more value and exceeding your customer’s expectations.

BONUS: David Meerman Scott has written The Gobbledygook Manifesto to help you in writing your advertising or marketing copy – a must read if you want to make sure and not sound like everyone else!

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