During our Duct Tape Marketing coaching program going on right now, we are looking this coming week at differentiation (click link to view several past articles on the topic).

As I said in one post before, quit trying to sell apples when your competition is also selling apples.  Instead:

  • sell organic apples
  • sell a unique brand of apples only found in your market – in other words, be the only one in town who carries that unique variety (believe me, there are plenty of varieties to choose from to be different!)
  • tweet to your followers when the apple truck arrives so they know when to get the freshest apples
  • bundle your apples into a nice gift basket so you’re no longer just selling one fruit, but a smorgasbord your competition can’t keep up with

What is your uniqueness?  What’s your differentiation strategy?  Does your potential customer even know it?

On the topic, my favorite professor and now Dean at the College of Business Administration at Abilene Christian University launches a book next week on the topic:  “Abandon the Ordinary: Building a Distinctive Leadership Brand in Business, Family, and Church” (Amazon link).  This oughta be good!

Finally, I love this article from one of my favorite marketing authors, David Meerman Scott.  See how the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team team-up with a local airline to put some fun back into the mudane.