Archiving articles is a great way to having at your fingertips a resource library on one topic.  Since we’ve been writing for almost 3 years on this blog, we’ve talked a number of times about differentiation, not excluding a mention last week.

It’s the number 1 reason that most small businesses fail.  You simply don’t stand out.  You look the same as your competitor.

So when all else is equal, what’s the one place where customers will investigate your differences?  You got it:


Is that really the place where you want to compete?  I don’t know too many businesses who compete by raising the price, so the only place to go is down.  Trying to out-coupon, out-discount, out-lower your bid is a sure-fire way of outting yourself out of business.

Today I am speaking to a group of Christian small business owners on this topic, so it seemed fitting to sharing an easy access to all of the articles we’ve ever written about differentiation and small business marketing.