Marketing - Social Media - Are Your Creating Comfortable Customer Paths?

When it comes to social media marketing, many businesses launch their presence on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest with great fanfare and intention.  But sadly, a few months (or even weeks) later, they give up, declaring, “this doesn’t work!”  While the phone may not ring as you thought, nor the customer traffic increase, it may not be the fault of the social media channel itself.  It could be that your customer paths are chaotic.

Integrating social media wisely will allow you to create comfortable customer paths that could take a prospect from a “traditional” marketing piece to a social media channel that might ultimately leading them to another step.  It’s not that we are trying to string our customer along, but the fact is, that not every person who receives your flyer, jumps on your Facebook page, or hears your presentation is ready to buy from you.  Customers are at various stages of “Know – Like – Trust” with you:  meaning that sometimes they are just getting to know who you are or exploring their options.  They are not ready to invest just yet.

Recently, Randy penned a guest article talking about this topic further.

READProviding Stepping Stones Not Stumbling Blocks”