High-value, keyword-rich content is king to optimizing your social media presence – follow this 4-step rule:

  • Content first needs to be created (can be text, video, audio podcast, etc…all great high-value content – but someone’s got to create it!)
  • Launch the content in a highly-social venue (videos go to YouTube or Vimeo, photos and images go to Flickr, text goes on your blog, etc..)
  • Share the content all over various social media outlets – manually posting them, auto-syncing them – whatever makes it easiest!
  • Repurpose the content later when you need good material on a blog, a tweet, a Facebook status or turn them into an e-book

John Jantsch shares another great post, “5 Types of Content That Every Business Must Employ.”

Image source:  bloggingjunction.com