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MAKE A REFERRAL WEEK is finally here!  This week, March 9-13, is the official launch of the small business stimulus concept of energizing our nationwide economy by making referrals.  We all know that “referrals are like gold” – just about every small business loves to receive them!  Later on in the week, we’ll talk about a counter-intuitive approach touted by John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing, and instigator of “Make A Referral Week” (MARW).

We encourage you to step up your referral making this week and let this 5-day launch remind each one of us that while we love to GET referrals, we hold a much greater power in GIVING referrals.  And under the powerful principle of reciprocal generosity, when you given tremendously, you will find that people want to refer their friends/customers to you!  It is true:  it is much better to GIVE than to RECEIVE! Someone incredibly generous himself once said that.

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday (March 10) at 11:30a, for our bi-weekly small business marketing workshop!  Because we are celebrating MARW in Fort Worth, we are hosting a special luncheon where we will discuss the power of referral marketing as well as view a LIVE webinar on the subject of referrals.  Joining Jantsch will be some powerhouse referral marketing experts, including the founder of BNI! If you know of anyone in BNI, please let them know about our luncheon.    We’d love to have them join us!  It’s only $10 and lunch is included!

More information on Tuesday’s Fort Worth small business marketing workshop on referrals!

To learn more about “Make A Referral Week” visit the site that is energizing many small businesses to make more referrals this week than ever before!

If you are on Twitter, be sure and tweet about the week using hashtag #marw09 !

(To read more, here’s our latest press release on the subject)