With the Cowboys out of the picture, North Texas fans can only look forward to another year when their hometown team will play in the Super Bowl on their own turf.  Oh well, lest we wait . . .

As Super Bowl XLV fast approaches for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Fort Worth folks have aggressively sought several of the big game attractions.  Not only is Fort Worth hosting the AFC team, Fort Worth’s famous “Sundance Square” gets to play host to ESPN’s coverage!  As well,  the Taste of the NFL is an annual event as part of the Super Bowl festivities – and this year, Fort Worth snagged the honor of hosting.  I’d love to attend this – if someone wants to spot me $500 for a ticket, I’ll be the first one  in line.

Yesterday we were talking about that popular event – and then today, John Jantsch writes on his marketing blog:  “5 Ways to Let Prospects Sample Your Brilliance” .  .  . brilliant blog post idea for today!

Duct Tape Marketing is all about “getting people with a specific need to know, like and trust you.”  John’s suggestions are practical ways you can engage with your prospects to let them see what they will get when doing business with you.   From yesterday’s post, here’s a few other things I love about Duct Tape Marketing.

Read John’s full article:  “5 Ways to Let Prospects Sample Your Brilliance” – start creating tasty samples today!