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As a Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant, I hear the same question over and over:  what is marketing and why isn’t it working for me?

John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing, offers the simplest 7 steps to marketing success I’ve ever seen – and yes, I follow these same 7 steps in marketing our own small business.

As we go out for Thanksgiving break, consider these simple 7 steps you can implement to create a sound marketing plan for your small business:

  1. Develop strategy before tactics – Base all decisions on an ideal customer and core message of difference
  2. Embrace The Marketing Hourglass– Look at every potential prospect and customer touchpoint and design a remarkable experience
  3. Adopt the publishing model – Commit to producing content that builds trust and educates
  4. Create a total web presence – Develop a plan that takes advantage of the SEO and social media aspects of being found
  5. Orchestrate the lead generation trio – Use technology to create multiple ways to generate leads via advertising, public relations, and referrals
  6. Drive a lead conversion system – Develop a sales system that everyone in the organization can use from initial contact to results review
  7. Live by the marketing calendar – Make marketing a habit by establishing monthly, weekly and daily action steps

Read John’s full article on AMEXOpen Forum.

I can also present these 7 steps in greater detail to your Chamber group, networking meeting, or business – click here to schedule me to speak to your organization.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Randy Vaughn is Fort Worth - Dallas ' only Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant