Are You Creating Loyal Ambassadors?  Read more about Duct Tape Markeitng's THE MARKETING HOURGLASSIf all you are doing is fixating on sales and transactions, you’ll probably end up either broke or extremely frustrated.

Sales figures are good measurements, but they often lead business owners to shoot-from-the-hip and toss money at the latest marketing fad or latest advertising proposal on their desk, in a desperate effort to change the trajectory of sales figures for next month.  Stop focusing exclusively on that part of your marketing.  Rather, turn your attention to encouraging your customers toward REPEATING and REFERRING.

Much of your time will need to be spent on your current customer database because it costs you a lot less time and money to get business from them than it does from a cold lead.

In a recent guest article, I help define what I mean by “loyal ambassadors.”  From the article, I suggest, “From the initial encounter, you are fostering an environment where someday, this nobody will be your best friend in your business.  At each stage of the experience they have with your business, you are intentional moving them toward repeating and referring.  They will keep coming back for more and they are likely to bring a friend with them.”

Read my guest article, “The Secret to Why Focusing on Transactions Will Keep You Broke!”

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