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We all want more referrals.  We know we live and breathe by them.  Sure there are some businesses who can survive without referrals, but they are a rare exception.

  • Dentist, optometrists, chiropractors – you know you live by word-of-mouth referrals from your clients
  • CPAs could typically enjoy a few more clients each and every year, but doesn’t online software replace the need for you?
  • Automotive repair shops – you have a widespread reputation is being untrustworthy – I think referrals are essential for you, right?
  • Churches – yes, even this group wants to impact the community and live out their spiritual mission – but hypocrites make alot of noise in the name of religion, so referral marketing is simply stimulating the rest of us to share more
  • Marketing coaches and consultants – yes, that’s us.  We have alot to share, but the investment people make in marketing is usually significant and they want results.  The question we get asked alot:  “what is your track record?”  I need past clients to share those with future clients.

So we all need them and I can guarantee you that I will benefit as much or more from this Referral Engine Pro Virtual Power Group than any of you!

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