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Facebook added a host of new features, some of which we will spotlight here over the coming weeks.  Inc. magazine suggests these reasons “How Facebook’s New Features Could Help You.”  Worth a read.

3 PRACTICAL TIPS:  When you are examining how to customize your Facebook page, consider 3 things:

  1. Will they see your “Wall” only?  Or will your page drive them to sign up for your email newsletter, download a brochure, or watch a video Settling for default is no way to differentiate.
  2. Consider setting up a customized tab that is for Fans Only – or (in the new terminology) for those who “Like” what you’re doing.  Use it for special promotions, exclusive access to news, or coupons and discounts that only fans can see.  This requires customization, but an affordable way of creating a that sense of “exclusivity” that many of your biggest fans are looking for because they like being treated special!
  3. Why not create a simple, customized URL for your page – set a username that can be easily remembered, one that not a million characters long, and a shortened URL that you could put in an advertisement.  If you have at least 25 people who have become a fan in the past or like you now, you can set up this unique username for FREE!  By the way, you can “like” us over at our Fan Page:

If you’re swamped with running your organization and still wondering if you should dive into the deep waters of social media, Michael Hyatt suggests not only a business’ ROI, but also “How Do Busy Leaders Find Time for Social Media?

Have a great week!