Linkedin offers you an incredible opportunity to also showcase your expertise as a blogger, presenter, problem solver and dynamic player in your industry.

Linkedin affords you a powerful social networking platform that is noticeably different than Facebook.  It is almost 100% professional!  No mafia wars, getting tagged in high school photos you wish you had never been reminded of, and a much more focused agenda.  The strategy you need to employ is to find a good balance between going for the kill and nurturing a long-term relationship.  The former is aggressive and can be a turn-off although the tenacity will open doors.  The latter is perfect for social media that fosters a relationship approach to marketing; however, it need not be too passive.  Here’s a helpful article on being a “hunter” and a “farmer” in your sales approach.

If you are wanting to use social media tools like Linked in to pursue a new career or land that first job after graduation, you will likely need a social media resume.  I also pass on a number of good quality links on using Linkedin specifically in your job search.

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